Your Next Move: Data Support Technician

If you’re a natural problem solver and would like to expand on your computer literacy skills, becoming a data support technician could be your next move.

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To join the IT world, you have to start with something big. Something that will kickstart your career and begin your journey. Organizations look for someone who can support others while also supporting their business. Data support technicians help others with IT questions or requests and share a variety of skills and knowledge. If you’re a natural problem solver and would like to expand on your computer literacy skills, becoming a data support technician could be your next move.

What Is a Data Support Technician?

Data support technicians offer a large array of services to help users with issues or repairs they may have or need. These technicians either work as part of a help desk team or specialize in certain types of equipment or programs. Data support technicians allow users to experience remote assistance in the following ways:

  • Ensure the functionality and operations of semi-automated systems
  • Execute complex troubleshooting and repairs
  • Track, prioritize and document requests using an IT support request system
  • Provide technical support for computers and associated networks
  • Install, test, maintain and upgrade operating systems

Data support technicians typically maintain computer networks or provide technical help directly to users. Very similar to help desk technicians, they support others remotely or in person. Data support technicians may also work in call centers or work in a specific firm assisting others.

Another important task provided by data support technicians is assisting with installation, setup, upgrades and troubleshooting. The list is endless, yet there are always people that need support.

How to Become a Data Support Technician

Your journey towards becoming a data support technician may begin with a bachelor’s degree in business, computer science, IT or equivalent experience. Fluency in operation systems, workstations, VPN, CRCST and FST software, systems and protocols is also necessary.

A few other typical qualifications include experience with tablets and writing protocols, displayed computer literacy and computing skills, attention to detail and time management skills.

Certifications such as, CompTIA A+, can help anyone wanting to gain the knowledge and skills to become a data support technician. CompTIA A+ covers the basis required to establish a career in IT in today’s digital world.

CompTIA A+ allows you to validate your baseline knowledge of the following:

  • Demonstrate security skills for IT support professionals
  • Support basic IT infrastructure and networking
  • Configure device operating systems and support PC, mobile and IoT device hardware
  • Execute basic data backups and recovery methods
  • Apply data storage and management best practices

Keep in mind the CompTIA A+ Core Series requires candidates to pass two exams. A new version of CompTIA A+ (1100 series) and full suite of training products will be available later this month, and will include:

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The Details

Data Support Technician Salary Range

The median annual salary for a data support technician is $58,428 as of March 2022 (Glassdoor).

Data Support Technician Job Outlook

From 2020 to 2030, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects an increase in growth of 9% for data support technicians, with 72,200 net new jobs expected during that 10-year period.

Job Titles Related to Data Support Technician

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