What Is DataX?

Discover how CompTIA DataX, CompTIA’s latest certification, can help you learn and verify the skills you need to become a data scientist.

2-Announcement_What is DataX_Blog_Thumbnail ImageMany organizations will tell you that while there is a growing demand for data scientists, there is still a skills gap among professionals in the field. As a global leader in tech education and training, CompTIA has developed a comprehensive certification and training curriculum designed to close that skills gap. 

CompTIA is excited to introduce DataX, an advanced-level data science certification that is aimed at highly experienced professionals looking to validate their expertise in the field. 

Why choose DataX?

Professionals in the data field looking to upskill and close existing knowledge gaps will benefit from CompTIA DataX. This new certification falls under CompTIA Xpert — a new series of certifications and trainings offered through CompTIA that are geared towards professionals who are looking to gain expert knowledge in business-critical technologies.  

DataX equips highly experienced professionals with essential skills that meet the demands of the rapidly evolving field of data science. Learners will have access to a comprehensive curriculum that covers concepts ranging from the foundations of machine learning to more specialized data science applications.  

While covering these emerging concepts, learners won’t spend time revisiting familiar concepts that they’ve already encountered in their careers. Instead, DataX helps learners focus their efforts on filling existing knowledge gaps due to a lack of available training.  

What’s the difference between Data+ and DataX?

DataX and Data+ are similar in name but are two distinct certifications. Data+ is geared toward new-to-the-field data science learners, while DataX was designed for highly experienced professionals who want to gain more specialized knowledge of data science.  

The new CompTIA DataX certification is specifically designed for highly experienced professionals who have been in the field of data science or related roles for at least five years. This certification allows professionals to validate their expert-level knowledge in the rapidly evolving field of data science. Using the DataX frameworks, learners will solidify their understanding of advanced-level data tools and concepts, and learn a wide range of topics including mathematics and statistics, machine learning, operations and processes, and specialized applications of data science. 

The CompTIA Data+ certification (DA0-001) is designed for new-to-the-field learners who may use data in their current role but are not currently specialized in data. Learners explore methods for analyzing and interpreting data, allowing them to develop skills for entry-level data-related jobs. Key skills covered in Data+ include data concepts and environment, data mining, data analysis, visualization, and data governance.  

Demonstrate expertise with CompTIA DataX

As an advanced-level data science certification, learners will develop a deep understanding of emerging tech trends in business; will understand how these trends can impact an organization; and will leverage their specialization to recommend effective technologies and solutions.  

As a vendor-neutral certification, candidates will be prepared to utilize their skills across all platforms and industries. Obtaining the CompTIA DataX certification allows professionals to validate their skills and abilities, so they are best positioned for success in an entry-level data science or related role. 

What is covered in the CompTIA DataX certification exam?   

The content in the CompTIA DataX certification exam will certify that successful candidates have acquired the following skills and competencies:  

    • Apply mathematical and statistical methods appropriately 
      • Understand the importance of data processing and cleaning, statistical modeling, linear algebra, and calculus concepts 

      • Utilize appropriate analysis and modeling methods to make justified model recommendations to the organizations they serve 

      • Apply machine learning models  

      • Understand complex concepts associated with deep learning 

      • Demonstrate an understanding of industry trends and specialized data science applications 

      What are the CompTIA DataX domains and objectives?

      The CompTIA DataX certification exam evaluates a candidate’s knowledge and skillset across five domains, with each domain being covered at a set percentage on the exam. The domains and percentage of coverage are as follows:  

      • Mathematics and Statistics (17%)  

      • Modeling, Analysis, and Outcomes (24%) 

      • Machine Learning (24%)  

      • Operations and Processes (22%) 

      • Specialized Applications of Data Science (13%) 

      Prepare for these jobs with a CompTIA DataX certification

      The demand for data scientists and related roles is rapidly growing. Along with rapid job growth, data science roles offer annual salaries with earning potential being 129% higher than median national earnings. The median annual pay for a data scientist role in 2023 was $100,000. (CompTIA Career Explorers) 

      If you are an experienced tech professional looking to advance in your career or pivot into a data-related role, the CompTIA DataX certification will provide you with critical skills that can help you plan your path forward.  

      Candidates who successfully complete the CompTIA DataX certification exam will be prepared for these roles among others: 

      • Data scientist  

      • Quantitative analyst 

      • Computer and Information research scientist  

      • Machine learning engineer or specialist 

      How to prepare for the CompTIA DataX certification Exam

      CompTIA is a leader in providing relevant, real-world training materials to help candidates succeed. Here are the ways CompTIA can help you prepare for your DataX certification exam. 

      CertMaster Perform

      CertMaster Perform is the newest addition to CompTIA’s eLearning portfolio. This learning tool provides comprehensive coverage of exam objectives while providing a modern user experience. 

      As candidates prepare for their DataX certification, CertMaster Perform provides them with hands-on practice through narrative instructional content, videos, skills assessments, and lab activities in both simulated and live environments. 

      Additionally, this training tool incorporates an initial diagnostic to gauge an individual’s readiness for the exam. The diagnostic identifies a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses across the different domains and determines where they should focus their exam preparation efforts. Candidates are also provided with a roadmap to fill in any knowledge gaps. 

      Coming Soon: The CompTIA DataX Complete Bundle

      As a global leader in tech education and training, CompTIA is committed to helping you prepare for your exam with confidence. Explore the DataX exam objectives and gain a deeper understanding of the DataX frameworks and concepts covered in the exam. 

      Coming soon to the CompTIA Storefront is the CompTIA DataX Complete Bundle, our best value training solution. Learners will have access to CertMaster Perform, an exam voucher, and a retake exam.  

      Take the next step in your career when you validate your expert knowledge with CompTIA DataX.  

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