Your Next Move: IT Server Technician

Do you have an eye for detail and a knack for problem solving? Put your troubleshooting skills to work as an IT server technician.

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When an organization’s server is running smoothly in the background, work continues without interruption and nobody thinks about the server technician. But when a problem arises, the server technician is the emergency contact. If you have a knack for problem solving and work well under pressure, IT server technician may be a good next move for you.

What Is an IT Server Technician?

An IT server technician ensures an organization’s server systems are running smoothly by installing, troubleshooting and maintaining systems in the following ways:  

  • Installs servers, archives data and switches to new systems
  • Builds and configures servers into new networks
  • Maintains and upgrades servers
  • Troubleshoots server and computer network issues
  • Runs security and vulnerability scans
  • Upgrades hardware and software
  • Resolves server-related customer support issues

The scope of an IT server technician role can range depending on the size and type of employer. Some server technicians work full-time to oversee the server systems of a specific company, while others operate on a contract basis and are called in when needed. Your responsibilities may be focused on managing the server system for a school or office, all the way up to overseeing rows of servers housed in data centers for large enterprise or tech companies.

How to Become an IT Server Technician

Most companies hiring a server technician will be looking for a candidate with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in IT or computer science – or equivalent experience. An IT server technician is a mid-level role, and you should expect to gain experience in several different positions before landing this one.

For example, you could begin your IT career as a help desk technician, move up to a network administrator role and then specialize in server management.

Candidates should also have excellent communication and critical thinking skills as well as attention to detail, technical writing ability and a knack for problem solving. Employers will expect you to be able to effectively troubleshoot, provide technical support and understand network administration – especially in lieu of a bachelor’s degree.

To gain that experience, turn to certifications like CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Linux+ and CompTIA Server+. Consult the CompTIA Career Roadmap to see how these certifications can help you map out your own pathway according to your own education, training and experience.

CompTIA A+ is the industry standard for establishing a career in IT. CompTIA A+ certified professionals are proven problem solvers and support today’s core technologies.

CompTIA Network+ helps develop a career in IT infrastructure covering troubleshooting, configuring and managing networks. The new CompTIA Network+ N10-008 exam was released in September 2021.

CompTIA Linux+ validates the competencies required of an early career systems administrator supporting Linux systems including the Linux command line, basic maintenance, installing and configuring workstations and networking.

CompTIA Server+ ensures pros have the skills to work in data centers or cloud environments by requiring the candidate to demonstrate multi-step knowledge to securely deploy, administer and troubleshoot servers. The new CompTIA Server+ SK0-005 exam was released in May 2021.

For each of these certifications, CompTIA offers a full suite of training products to help you learn and practice the skills covered and prepare for your certification exam.

  • CertMaster Learn: Learn at your pace with interactive lessons and videos
  • CertMaster Labs: Get hands-on practice using real software applications
  • CertMaster Practice: Test your knowledge and find out if you’re ready for the exam
  • The Official CompTIA Study Guide: Learn and review exam objectives with our comprehensive textbook

The Details

IT Server Technician Salary Range

The average salary for IT server technicians is $59,660 a year (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)) as of May 2022.

IT Server Technician Job Outlook

From 2022 to 2032, The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects an increase of 5% for the category of computer support specialists with 49,200 net new jobs expected during that 10-year period.

Job Titles Related to IT Server Technician

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