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Thinking about a career in tech?
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We know it seems challenging to get into tech but...

There are some misconceptions we think you should know about:

We know it seems challenging to get into tech but...

You don't need a degree

57% of senior leaders are placing less priority on four-year degrees. Get certified and start your career in a matter of weeks, not years.


You don’t need to be a math whiz

Some of the most in-demand IT skills have nothing to do with math or science – project management, communication and resourcefulness, for example.


Working in tech isn't lonely

IT pros collaborate, work on teams and interact with end users daily. Tech careers are great for introverts and extroverts alike.


Getting into tech isn't expensive

You can start your career with training and certifications, which are significantly less expensive than college. Some people qualify for free or reduced-cost training and certifications, making it a no-brainer.

Advice from career changers

You can change your career too!

Scott Krager
Scott Krager
Information security analyst

"Exploring different topics and keeping an open mind, especially early on, is huge. And it will open your eyes to more and more that's out there that you probably don't know about."

Scott previously worked as a personal trainer and now works in IT with the help of CompTIA A+ and Security+.

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Allison Marchant
Allison Marchant
Data center technician trainer

“Change is inevitable. Looking to make a career change or an industry change, ultimately that's something that's going to be really scary and it's going to be really personal, but there's so much growth.”

From working in a library to training data center technicians, Allison transformed her career with CompTIA Data+.

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Vernon Clifton
Vernon Clifton
Cybersecurity analyst

“Maybe that's how we as a society become more effective, by having people that have had different experiences break into [new] fields.”

Vernon, a Chicago salesman, found satisfaction and fulfilment in a cybersecurity career despite lack of experience with the help of CompTIA A+.

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Scott Krager
Allison Marchant
Vernon Clifton

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