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We are CompTIA. In the 40+ years since our founding, the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) has grown to become an indispensable community for millions of businesses and individuals seeking to thrive in the $5.2 trillion global IT/tech industry.

  • We serve the industry by providing forums for collaboration, mentorship and best practices.
  • We also provide skills validation through our globally recognized training and certification products and insights from our world-class industry research.
  • We are passionately committed to diversity and inclusion.
We are CompTIA

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Who is CompTIA?

We are inclusive
CompTIA believes every individual – regardless of their age, race, gender identity or sexual orientation deserves an equal chance for success and happiness.
We are results-focused
As an organization, CompTIA has a bias for action and results, all in the pursuit of our goals.  We constantly seek to stretch our own belief of what we are capable of accomplishing.
We are driven
At CompTIA, we believe great advances come from taking meaningful action through incremental bite-sized steps.
We are humble
With a higher volume of innovation, of course, comes greater risk.  We are humble enough to accept we can’t possibly know everything, nor can we say with complete certainty what the future might hold.
We are savvy
We believe in the intelligence, creativity, passion and purpose of the people who make up our global team, whose savvy keeps our engines running and gives us the credibility required to earn the repeat business of our partners, members and end users.
Start a new career

Start a new career

Thinking about a career in technology? We help people like you get into thriving fields like IT, Cybersecurity, and Data Analytics.
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Learn and train new IT skills

Explore IT Careers

Ready to learn about tech? With CompTIA training you can learn new skills online or at your own pace.
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Advance your IT career with training and certifications

Advance your career

Once you've learned new tech skills, it's time to get certified! Explore CompTIA's industry accepted certifications today.
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    Make better IT hiring decisions with CompTIA Resources

    Save time and hire better

    Try out the CompTIA Tech Job Posting Optimizer which was created to help employers find and hire better candidates.
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    Connect and get involved with CompTIA

    Get involved & connect

    Join CompTIA groups like ISAO, Public Sector Council, and get involved with other enterprises in the industry.
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    Attend CompTIA Events

    Expand your network

    Connect with others at CompTIA events, stay on top of what's going on in the tech industry.
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    Learn about trends in the IT Workforce

    Access workforce data and trends

    Learn more about the tech workforce and trends in hiring, managing, training and upskilling IT professionals.
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    Find resources for IT industry trends

    Leverage industry trends

    Explore the CompTIA Resource Center – with analysis of industry trends on Business, Government, Diversity, and more.
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      Success stories

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      Scott Krager
      Scott Krager
      Information security analyst

      "Exploring different topics and keeping an open mind, especially early on, is huge. And it will open your eyes to more and more that's out there that you probably don't know about."

      Scott previously worked as a personal trainer and now works in IT with the help of CompTIA A+ and Security+.

      Read Scott's Story
      Allison Marchant
      Allison Marchant
      Data center technician trainer

      “Change is inevitable. Looking to make a career change or an industry change, ultimately that's something that's going to be really scary and it's going to be really personal, but there's so much growth.”

      From working in a library to training data center technicians, Allison transformed her career with CompTIA Data+.

      Read Allison's Story
      Vernon Clifton
      Vernon Clifton
      Cybersecurity analyst

      “Maybe that's how we as a society become more effective, by having people that have had different experiences break into [new] fields.”

      Vernon, a Chicago salesman, found satisfaction and fulfilment in a cybersecurity career despite lack of experience with the help of CompTIA A+.

      Read Vernon's Story
      Scott Krager
      Allison Marchant
      Vernon Clifton

      CompTIA is...

      Unlocking the potential of individuals across the globe by helping them pursue challenging, enriching careers in the tech industry.  Whether an individual is looking for an initial foothold at the entry-level or upskilling to advance their existing career, CompTIA offers the keys needed for success.

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