About Us

We're CompTIA, and we're on a mission to help you discover how fulfilling a career in IT can be. We want to break down the barriers and misconceptions about getting into IT – no matter your gender, race, location or even field of study, there's a place for you in IT.

This section of our website was designed with you in mind – the person who may not know much about IT but is intrigued. The person who thinks they don't have the right skillset or experience for IT. The person who thinks they need to live in Silicon Valley to work in IT. IT is everywhere and requires so much more than math and science.

If we've piqued your interest, here's a quick guide for making the most of this microsite:

  1. Plan Your Career Change: Read articles on how to change a career, how to make yourself marketable in your new field and how to decide when the time is right. Take our quizzes to find out if you're ready for a career change or what career is right for you.
  2. Learn About Careers in IT: We hope that you'll want to move into IT, so we've compiled a wealth of information to help you picture yourself working in IT. Read about what it's like to work in IT, what kinds of salaries and job opportunities IT offers and some of the benefits of working in IT. Take our quiz to see if IT is right for you.
  3. Change Careers to IT: Once you've decided that IT is right for you, take the steps to make a change. Read about how to get into IT, in general or from specific careers or fields of studies. Take our quiz to see which IT role best matches your skills and interests.

As the world's leading tech association, CompTIA is committed to helping people not only get into IT, but have long, successful tech careers. Whether you're looking for a higher salary, better work–life balance or something with greater growth potential, you can find that in IT.

You can do IT. We've got your back.