Unauthorized Training Materials

CompTIA defines unauthorized training materials as a source — a website, a PDF file, social media page, chat session, etc. – that contains certification exam content. The content included in unauthorized training materials is exactly the same or substantially similar to questions appearing on a CompTIA certification exam. All CompTIA’s exam content is considered CompTIA intellectual property and as such is protected by copyright laws. Additionally, CompTIA’s exam content is never released to the general public. Therefore, if exam content was fraudulently obtained, using such unauthorized materials to prepare for a CompTIA exam constitutes cheating. Providers of such unauthorized materials are in violation of CompTIA intellectual property rights and nondisclosure agreements.

If you are ever unsure whether the training material you are using is authorized or unauthorized, please contact examsecurity@comptia.org with your question or inquiry.

Consequences for Candidates Caught Using Unauthorized Training Materials

Despite a candidate’s knowledge of whether content is considered unauthorized training material, if a candidate memorizes unauthorized content in order to pass an exam and CompTIA discovers this occurred, the candidate will be banned from taking CompTIA exams for at least 12 months and lose his or her CompTIA certification. In addition, his or her test scores will be invalidated. As mentioned above, these actions will be taken even if the candidate did not have fraudulent intentions.

If you think you have discovered a site or provider that appears to be selling or distributing unauthorized training materials containing CompTIA exam content, please inform CompTIA by sending an email message to examsecurity@comptia.org.